Can I migrate existing Mailchimp automations and pop-ups?

Yes, you can reattach your existing automations and pop-ups, you'll just need to follow the Migrate Your E-commerce Automations guide that Mailchimp has added to their Knowledge Base.

Do I need a Mailchimp account?

Yes, to get started with ShopSync, you need a Mailchimp account. If you don’t have one already, you can grab one on their website.

Can I send store data to multiple Audiences?

No. At this time, you can only send to one Mailchimp Audience. However, you may use segments, groups, and tags in Mailchimp to organize your subscriber base.

Can I connect multiples stores to one Mailchimp Audience?

To avoid conflicts under the hood with Mailchimp we do not recommend attaching multiple stores to a Mailchimp Audience. However, you can attach multiple stores to multiple Audiences inside one Mailchimp account. The main thing to get right is a one-to-one relationship between a store and an Audience.

Can I use ShopSync to replace the old 'Mailchimp for Shopify' app?

Yes! You can do everything and more with the ShopSync app. Regular features that you were used to like product recommendations, segmenting and passing over new subscribers is a core function of the app. You can also sync Shopify fields with Mailchimp merge tags, which is unique to ShopSync.

Can I use both the 'Mailchimp for Shopify' app and ShopSync?

No. There will be some confusion under the hood with Mailchimp’s connected sites and how they relate to their Automations. Please do not have both apps installed at the same time.

Do you have to sync past order data?

Out of the box, our app is designed to sync all past orders, customers (who accept marketing) and products. This is done so you can effectively market with that information in Mailchimp.

If I add a new contact in Mailchimp, will it be added to Shopify?

No. We will not create a new customer in Shopify if they are added in Mailchimp. This includes situations where a new subscriber is added via a pop-up form.

I'm getting a "not-compatible" error when trying to install ShopSync

Our app requires a Shopify storefront to be compatible. More specifically, we rely on checkouts to occur for the app to be able to function correctly.

My initial sync is running, will I miss customer data?

No. When the initial sync is in motion, customers who are actively checking out of your store may not show up in your list right away. We will queue these emails up to be sent over after the sync is complete.

Test, COD, and Money Order transactions not synced to Mailchimp

Orders not sent through the Shopify checkout will not be synced to Mailchimp. The ShopSync application works by using the data from the Shopify checkout to sync those orders to Mailchimp.

Security & GDPR Compliance

ShopSync is GDPR compliant, we do not store any of your user's data. Also, we ask users before installing the app to consent to data transfers into our United States based servers. We function as a secure pass-through service operating on full 256-bit encryption SSL (TLS 1.2) that connects your store to Mailchimp. We do not use, mine or re-distribute information coming from your store. If your customers ever ask for information regarding GDPR, you would be able to export or erase that information in Mailchimp.

Please see our Data Processing Addendum for more information.