Getting Started
Connect Shopify to Mailchimp in just a few minutes

Before you install

    You must have manager access or higher in Mailchimp to make changes to the integration. To learn more about user levels in Mailchimp, visit manage user levels in your account.
    If you have welcome email Automations running in Mailchimp, they will need to be archived (not paused) and recreated.
    If you have an abandoned cart email series activated, they will not migrate and will need to be recreated after ShopSync is installed.
    We recommend you save both the welcome and abandoned cart emails as a template to speed up the recreation process. To learn more, check out reuse an email campaign layout as noted in Mailchimp's knowledge base.
    If applicable, go to your Mailchimp account and create a backup of your existing audience that you'll be syncing to.

How do I install the app?

Out of the box, our app is designed to sync all past orders, customers (who accept marketing) and products. This is done so you can effectively market with that information in Mailchimp.
    Login to your Shopify store.
    Grab a Mailchimp account (if you don't have one already).
    Install the ShopSync app.
    Connect to Mailchimp - click the green Connect button
    Authenticate to Mailchimp - when the pop-up window appears, add your Mailchimp username and password.
    Select an Audience - choose a list to sync customers and their purchase data to Mailchimp. Please note: you may only send store data to one Audience.
    Toggle double opt-in (Optional) - if you would like to change the double opt-in preference on the list that is connected, you may change it here.
    Map merge tags (Optional) - choose which information you sync to Mailchimp by mapping Shopify data to Mailchimp merge tags (Email addresses are automatically synced from Shopify to Mailchimp).
    Start sync - once initiated, ShopSync will sync all the information in your store to Mailchimp, including customers, orders, and products. Syncing also includes any merge tag mappings that have been set up.
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