Merge Tag Mapper
By default, email, and mailing addresses, product, and order information are automatically sent to Mailchimp when a customer checks out in your Shopify store.
The merge tag mapper is designed to align Shopify data fields with Mailchimp; these are optional for configuration. For example, say you want to push the “billing country” field in Shopify to Mailchimp, this setting will do it. Custom meta fields are not currently supported and the mapping is from Shopify to Mailchimp, not Mailchimp to Shopify.

Syncing new merge tags

If you add new merge tags to Mailchimp and want to sync data over into previous subscribers, you would need to execute a force resync. This feature is available inside the ShopSync settings page.

Required Merge Tags in Mailchimp

If you have required merge tags set up in your Mailchimp audience, you will need to map Shopify API meta values to this tag (s). You can do so by using the merge tag mapper feature below with the available. As an alternative, you may disable any required field in your audience. If these values aren't set, data will not transfer at checkout or via newsletter forms.
As a best practice, we recommend disabling any required merge tag in Mailchimp.

Disabling a required field in Mailchimp

Additional Shopify meta fields that can be mapped to a Mailchimp merge tag

Shopify meta fields
Customer First Name
Customer Last Name
Customer Street
Customer Street 2
Customer City
Customer State
Customer Postal Code
Customer Country
Customer Phone Number
Customer Company
Customer ID
Customer Note
Customer Order Total
Customer Order Count
Billing Street
Billing Street 2
Billing City
Billing State
Billing Postal Code
Billing Country
Billing Company
Shipping Street
Shipping Street 2
Shipping City
Shipping State
Shipping Postal Code
Shipping Country
Shipping Company
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