Custom Sync Builder (Beta)
The custom sync builder allows you to automate various aspects of tags and groups when transactions occur in your store. For example, if a product is purchased, tag the customer with a unique identifier that helps you stay organized. You can combine various "if, this, then" logic to add (or remove) tags/groups in both Mailchimp and Shopify.
Currently, the custom sync builder is reserved for our Pro plan users and must be enabled by our development team after installing ShopSync. If you would like to participate in our beta program please reach out to [email protected]

Stay organized & market smarter

    Add a tag to a customer in both Mailchimp and Shopify
    Remove a tag on a customer in both Mailchimp and Shopify
    Add an order tag in Shopify
    Remove an order tag in Shopify
    Add a group to a customer in Mailchimp
    Remove a customer from a group in Mailchimp

Example - Tag a customer in Mailchimp & Shopify with Shoes when...

    The Shopify "Product Vendor" contains Adidas or Nike
    And, the "Customer Total Spent" is greater than $100
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