Pop-up Forms Not Working

Migrating Pop-Ups

If you would like to use a Mailchimp pop-up form on your Shopify store using the ShopSync app, you can follow this handy link to the Mailchimp knowledge base article which will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to migrate those over: How to Switch from Mailchimp for Shopify to ShopSync | Mailchimp. The only relevant section in the article above, is referring to the pop-up. If that does not provide the answers you need, you could try referencing this help article. After you complete the migration, just do a quick test with an email of your choice and you should be all set!

I Just Migrated the Pop-Up, Now What?

Usually pop-ups will begin to appear after some time passes i.e. 24 hours. There are DNS resolutions that need to populate across servers. Once that process is complete, your pop-up should show up. If things don't resolve themselves by then, please contact Mailchimp support for further assistance.

Trouble Removing a Pop-Up

If you're having trouble removing a pop-up form, you may need to manually remove it; here are instructions on how to get that done. At ShopSync, we do not have access to your store's template code. If you are not able to remove, the best option for assistance is with a Shopify Guru, to help locate and removing the script that triggers the pop-up. If a Guru is unable to assist, the only other option is to hire a developer to remove it.

How to Test Signups

One way to determine if your forms are adding to your Mailchimp account is to test a signup on them. You will need to use an email address that has not been added/removed from that list previously, and once you click enter on the form, you can then enter the email address into the magnifying glass in Mailchimp to see it added to your list. Should you find the email address was not added, I'm afraid it will mean there is an issue with the form or the address used. While regrettably, we are limited in our abilities with resolving, please don't hesitate to reach back out for additional options. Or visit our support area if you have any additional or follow up questions.

Signups on Pop-Up Forms Not Added to Shopify

When someone signs up on a Mailchimp pop up form, it is expected behavior that they will only be added to Mailchimp. Likewise, when someone signs up on a Shopify form, they will only be added to Shopify. The only form that will add to both Mailchimp and Shopify is the footer form located on the bottom of the Shopify Theme.

I Migrated/Recreated but Pop-Up Still Won't Display

If you've connected your site through Mailchimp's Connected Sites page and you've finished customizing your form, click Publish in the pop-up modal in Mailchimp and they’ll automatically push the code to your site.

If you haven't connected your site through the Connected Sites page, you'll need to generate the form code and add it to your website manually. This process can be done with the assistance of the Shopify Gurus or with the help of your developer. We do not have the necessary access to assist with these steps at ShopSync.