What is ShopSync?

ShopSync connects Shopify and Mailchimp. It is engineered to sync all orders, customers (who accept marketing), promo codes, and products. Your automations and pop-ups are still handled in your Mailchimp account business as usual; we just send data to your audience. We'll also sync the current subscriber status for your customers based on their opt-in preference from the past and moving forward.
ShopSync is designed to be self-service. But if you require support after download, you may access our knowledge base for free or upgrade to our paid (Pro) support option for just $5 per month. Our Pro plan allows priority support, email, and chat access with our customer support team.
ShopSync acts as a bridge between Shopify and Mailchimp

Does ShopSync replace Mailchimp?

No. ShopSync is a tool to send information from your Shopify store and Mailchimp (and vice versa). The app transfers and syncs information between the two platforms. You will still use Mailchimp for all your campaigns, automations, pop-ups, and ads.

Are you all affiliated with Mailchimp or Shopify?

No. We are not affiliated with either Shopify or Mailchimp.

Do you all offer phone support or demos?

At this time we don't offer phone support or demos. But, we're well suited to answer questions over email and provide linkage to any relevant help link on our website if you are subscribed to our Pro support plan.

What are your support hours?

Our support hours are 9 am to 3 pm EST, M-F. However, we do periodically check and respond to messages after hours and on the weekends. We can't guarantee a response during off periods.
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